The Store...

A number of people, on seeing the seven pointed star graphic, wanted it on a t-shirt or some such. So, thanks to the wonders of cafe press now you can. Additionally each item puts a (very) small amount towards supporting's bandwidth, hardware, power usage, etc. (Last year, it almost paid for the domain registration. This is not a high profit endevour).

For white t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, mousepads, hats, frizzbees, and assorted other items, visit the cafepress store.

We have seen and used t-shirts, sweatshirts and mugs from CafePress. The mugs are particularly sturdy (they have survived camping for the last couple of years) and the sweatshirts are warm.

Not affiliated with in any way, but pretty otherkin-related and otherkin-supporting items:

Draconic designs - pretty dragons.
Dandelion Studios
Back issues of Kinships (the magazine for people who exist anyway) and assorted other items

Comments, suggestions for improving the designs, which ones you like and don't like, etc are welcome.

If you want to create your own cafepress store, for whatever reason, if you use this link we get a referal bonus.

We also have an associates account with Amazon which we'll do something useful with eventually, but if you feel like using this link then gets a few pennies each time you order something.