Connecting the Community

This section deals with various aspects of networking amongst otherkin themselves. There are a lot of Otherkin out there. Here's the ways to contact them:

Otherkin Directory
Who lives where in the real world Otherkin communtity.
Recommended Reading, Listening, Watching
Recommended books, music and movies with otherkin relavence.
Otherkin Mailing Lists
A list of email lists--whether generic, geographic, or specialty--which cater to the Online Otherkin Community.
Otherkin Gathers
A list of upcoming physical-world gathers (with contact information), and pictures from past Gathers.
Web Boards
Web-based discussion boards and forums
Other websites
An extensive collection of other websites by, for or about otherkin
In the News
It doesn't happen often, but every so often we show up in newspapers or on other, non-otherkin, websites.