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hoverkin Netherlands Human email
Berlin USA Florida Therian; ; Coywolf email
CarpeNoctem United States Indiana ARRAY(0xbcdb97d0) email
Shadowforce United States Arkansas Demonic; Shadow email
buterfligurl United States Pennsylvania email
Ichiru-Hiokami USA Illinois Therian Based Polymorph email
r0b0-kin Canada Machinekin (Robot)
Hobgoblin United States Florida Therian; Owl (Barn) email
Jes Russian Federation lycanthrope email
SkyTiden United Kingdom Dragon email
schythe Romania Dragon email
Inalifiachra USA Virginia Angelic (Angel); Therian (Cat); Therian (Fox); Vampire (Psi) email website
rosalie van de north Greece Angelic; Angelic (Archangel) email
Phrim USA New Mexico email
DesireMoon United Kingdom Demonic (Succubus); Vampire; Vampire (Psi); ARRAY(0xbc74ebe8) email
Etath Norway Akershus Dragon email website
Grindigo or Rick USA Kentucky Faerie; Faerie Elder email
nekluvshp USA Michigan Indigo or Crystal Child email
Sakul USA District of Columbia Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Kaiser Harukari USA Washington Therian; Grey (alien) email
Chica_Baggins USA Ohio Hobbit email website
DreamingMoonlight Denmark Elf (Elenari: Shiri); Faerie email
Jaymee Australia New South Wales Elf email
belaColeMarie USAUnited States Pennsylvania Vampire email
Bahamut Brazil Rio de Janeiro Dragon (Western) email
whitefox Therian (Fox) email
Emipuchucha Argentina Dragon; Dragon (Eastern); Therian (Grey Wolf) email website
Vakashira USAUnited States Kansas Dragon (Western); Dragon(half Extraplaner), email
Lunar Flare United StatesUnited States North Carolinanc Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Proxxys Demonic (Succubus) email
ChineseFireball Portugal Dragon (Eastern) email
spiderling3 USA Washington Human; arachnid email
little pup United States Ohio Therian (Coyote); Therian (Fox); Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Azurael USA California Angelic; Angelic (Angel); Powers order email
Ash United States Illinois Elf email website
Eferine Lert USA New York ARRAY(0xbce41238) email
cinqus Norway Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Jafira Dragon USA Arizona Dragon; Dragon (Western) email website
Azrael4 United States South Carolina Angelic; Angelic (Celestial) email
wayatsi USAUnited States Washington Therian (Coyote); Scorpion email website
kaytan Demonic; Demonic (Incubus) email
Lafaear South Africa Gauteng Elf email
Belle HearthFire United Kingdom Nottinghamshire Lincolnshire Border Elf; Human; Therian (Grey Wolf); Vampire (Psi) email
Potter Vampire; Vampire (Psi); Vampire (Sanguine); Indigo email
DreamWorks United Kingdom Angelic (Archangel); Dragon (Western); Faerie; Phoenix; Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Coyote); Tuatha de Danaan; ; minded email
DeanWilkins email
TidalSpirit USA Alaska Therian (Grey Wolf) email
SpiritMyst United StatesUnited States IllinoisIllinois Phoenix; Siren email
Evana Hungary Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Groxika Hungary Dragon (Eastern) email
Tronix (Working name) United States Washington ARRAY(0xbb9aefc8) email
Fallenmoon United States Connecticut Angelic (Fallen); Demonic (Succubus); Phoenix; Therian (Panther); Therian (Tiger); Vampire; ; Starseed email
Tribute Australia New South Wales Human; Therian (Hawk); Satyr email
justin237545 Australiajustin carman Queensland Therian email website
garagauth Germany Elenari (Kal'thilas); Therian (Dire Wolf) email website
KrissWolf USA West Virginia Unsure as of right now email
PaimonShadowStrike USA Texas Demonic; Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf); demonic; therian; grey wolf email
thegoldenflower United States Alabama Dragon; Dragon (Western) email website
primmypoo Angelic (Archangel); Demonic (Succubus); Dragon; Dragon (Eastern); Elf (Drow); Nymph (Water); Therian (Bear); Therian (Panther); Therian (Tiger); Vampire (Psi); Vampire (Sanguine) email
Hex USA Arizona Demonic (Incubus); Dragon (Western); Vampire (Sanguine); ; ARRAY(0xbcd45650) email
Merticus USA Georgia Vampire email website
Feien Canada Quebec Therian; Therian (Coyote) email
WildwoodFae Canada Ontario Elf; Human; Sidhe (Daoine) email website
Tilly USA Illinois Vampire (Sanguine) email
ripplingwater USA Arkansas Nymph; Nymph (Water) email
Nyxus Canada Ontario Angelic (Angel); Demonic; Human email website
BlueTiger2311 United States Illinois Tuatha de Danaan email
liondragondemon United States South Carolina Demonic (Succubus); Dragon; Lion email
AnnaRose United States Indiana wolf email
Somsri Yuan United States California Demonic; Demonic (Succubus); Elf (Elenari: Tul'ari) email
AnUnknownCreature United States North Carolina Elf (Drow); Human; Therian (Coyote); Therian (Grey Wolf); Therian (Tiger); Vampire; Vampire (Psi); Vampire (Sanguine); Therian (Timber Wolf) (White Bengal Tiger) email website
Cael United States Washington Demonic (Incubus); ; Incubus Salubritas email
Wolfkin4life Australia Victoria ARRAY(0xbc6e9648) email
Kekeno New Zealand Auckland Selkie; Therian (Grey Wolf); Glaistig email website
Overseer United States Wisconsin Angelic (Angel) email
SaturnWolf USA California Angelic (Celestial); Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Jashoux USAUnited States Pennsylvania email
SalomeAsherahSophia USA California email
Tala USA Delaware Angelic; Angelic (Fallen); Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
AshleyTheFaerie USAUnited States Faerie email
AliceSnowCat United Kingdom Therian; Snow leopard email website
jimamy Canada British Columbia Angelic (Angel); Angelic (Archangel); Angelic (Fallen); Demonic (Incubus); Dragon (Western); Human; Phoenix; Therian; Therian (Cat); Therian (Grey Wolf); Therian (Hawk); Vampire (Psi); email
dragoncide88 USA Pennsylvania Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Terratantula United States Georgia Therian (Fox); Eldritch; Kitsune email
AcidicScreech United States Texas Gryphon/Phoenix Cross; Chimera; Shapeshifter email
MargrettaFitch United States Illinois Demonic; Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Fox); Vampire (Sanguine) email
RoyalisTerada United States CaliforniaCalifornia Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Kumbi South Africa Western Cape Gryphon email
Ashok Kumar Das Bangladesh Angelic; Angelic (Angel); Angelic (Archangel); Angelic (Celestial); Demonic (Incubus); Dragon (Eastern); Dragon (Western); Elf; Elf (Alfar); Elf (Dark); Elf (Drow); Elf (Elenari); Elf (Elenari: Kal'thilas); Elf (Elenari: Li'star'i); Elf (Elenari: Shiri); email
Moon Acolyte United States Texas Angelic; Demonic; Dragon; Gryphon; Sidhe; Therian; Vampire email
Calatheas Canada Alberta Demonic (Succubus); Therian (Grey Wolf) email
ravenleenevar USAUnited States IndianaIndiana Sidhe; Sidhe (Leannan) email
Aurora72 Canada Ontario Dragon; Dragon (Western); Human; Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf); Vampire; Vampire (Psi) email website
Singing_Aesephena United States New York Angelic; Angelic (Celestial); Faerie; Pixie; Tuatha de Danaan email
Kryptonian United States Indiana unknown email
miniero Brazil Sao Paulo Demonic; Vampire (Psi); Vampire (Sanguine) email
whisper Australia Tasmania Elf email
Bleike Australia South Australia Vampire; Vampire (Psi); Vampire (Sanguine); Kitsune email website
Redscalemate United States Washington Dragon; Dragon (Eastern); ; ARRAY(0xbc4e5338) email
Draken United States Illinois Dragon (Western) email
Drageene United States North Carolina Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Reaper USAUnited States Oregon Human; (Harpy) email
Girl Elf (Wood) email
Eloy Germany Angelic; Demonic; Human; Vampire (Psi); Vampire (Sanguine); ; Mermaid email website
eilisanna USA Florida Demonic (Succubus); Faerie email
xDiabolica Canada Angelic (Fallen); Demonic (Succubus); Vampire (Sanguine) email
ughtoobright In my insanity in my mind Therian (valley wolf) email
geekydragon USA Florida Dragon email website
Shyloh USA Washington Winged cat
Jes-AR USA California Xeno email
MidnightFortis United States Michigan Fae-Star email website
azurath United States Utah unknown unsure email
Tavmminqat United States Utah Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
NightsEternalShadow USAUnited States Missouri Therian (Grey Wolf); Northern black tundra and dire wolf cross email
Krandal Finland Therian email
timberwolf Canada Ontario wolf email
Anthonyk747 United States North Carolina Dragon; Dragon (Western); ARRAY(0xbbe877f8) email
EquinoxNoir email
London Norway Angelic; Demonic; Elf email
demoncat United States Nebraska Therian (Cat); Therian (Panther); Therian (Tiger); Feline Cladotherian email
Arwen Este/ Joshua Young United States Elf
Indiana McShanther United States New York Elf
Zarabi USA Maryland Therian; Therian (Owl) email
wolfIam007 USA Florida Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Dracul United States Dragon email
Koopakiy USA Minnesota Demonic (Succubus); Dragon (Western); Vampire (Psi) email
SeaFoam United States North Carolina Elf (Dark); Elf (Wood); Therian (Arctic Wolf); Siren email
lamiadea USA Pennsylvania Vampire; Vampire (Sanguine) email
Nimkarei USA Tennessee Unicorn; Pegasus email
Black_Flame_15 United States Missouri Vampire; Vampire (Sanguine) email
Murr Australia New South Wales Therian; Therian (Cat); Therian (Fox) email
ReaperofSouls42 email
AnyaFaerie United States Faerie; Faerie is just the best way to describe me, but i have the traits of many types of Fae. email
Seamus Angelic (Archangel); Ape email
internetgrrrl USA California Angelic (Celestial); Demonic (Succubus); Therian (Fox) email website
Echi Wolfsoul United States Florida Therian (Grey Wolf) email
iamWolfGirl United States Alabama ARRAY(0xbcf5e838) email website
dagmarr United States Washington Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
mexwerewolf Mexico Jalisco Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
ForgottenHarlequin USA Indiana Demonic (Succubus); Elf; Therian (Cat); It's fuzzy really. No pun intended. email
Lucia United States Michigan Demonic; Nymph; Nymph (Water) email
Sigmaharia Italy Eanen - Elemental email
finding one lycan United States South Carolina ARRAY(0xbcc8f780) email
Tsunami Sesen USA Idaho Kitsune email
sylvia New Zealand Angelic (Celestial); Therian (Fox) email
Philomel United States West Virginia Human email
PikachuFan125 USAUnited StatesUnited States ColoradoColorado Angelic (Angel); Dragon (Western); Therian (Cat); Therian (Fox); Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Fora United States New Mexico Angelic; Faerie; Human email
sinder Russian Federation Human email
Lakota USA Arkansas Dragon email
PsiElemental United States Nebraska Demonic; Therian; Vampire (Psi); ; Vampire (Elemental); Demon (Psi); Therian (phantom limbs) email website
Sigyn Germany NRW Angelic; Dragon (Eastern); Dragon (Western); Therian (Panther); Fictionkin;Godkin email
Falkorr Russian Federation Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
blackstar15673 United StatesUnited States ArkansasArkansas Dragon email
bri123 United States Florida Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
zearah USA Texas Dragon (Eastern) email
AuriDragon United States Ohio ARRAY(0xbc4ac380) email
interwebgunslinger United Kingdom Hampshire Faerie email
canusdirus USA Texas Therian; ; Dire Wolf email
keyake United States Virginia Elf email
kiilas United Kingdom Elf (Dark) email
leliel Angelic; Angelic (Fallen) email
Spiral I don't have a name for it. email
L USA New York Human email
Nex Arizona ARRAY(0xbb6a1378) email
RosaSpirit13 United States Washington Angelic; Angelic (Angel); Angelic (Fallen); Demonic; Demonic (Succubus); Elf; Elf (Wood); Faerie; Human; Nymph; Nymph (Wood); Phoenix; Pixie; Therian; Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Cat); Therian (Hawk); Unicorn; Vampire; Mermaid, Unknown email
Mad dog USAUnited States Jakarta Therian email
ravenlord United States Angelic; Demonic; ; hybrid; Demonic (Chimera); Angelic (Stelian) email
another_wonderland USA Wisconsin Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Fergus United States California Demonic; Therian; ; Gorilla email
Ezra United States Georgia Dragon; Human; Therian (Cat) email
kalebron United States Virginia Dragon (Western); Therian (Tiger) email website
acacia USA Arizona Therian (Bear); Therian (Fox) email website
Solarwolfie United States Michigan Gryphon; Therian; Therian (Fox); Therian (Grey Wolf); ARRAY(0xbc1d1438) email website
LongingForTheSea USA Washington Narwhal email
AvaSoleil United States Washington Dragon; Dragon (Western); Elf; Elf (Wood); Faerie; Nymph; Nymph (Water); Phoenix; Pixie; Selkie; Sidhe; Sidhe (Daoine) email
M0rrignae United States New York Faerie; Therian; Jaguar email website
Tye Lykos United States IndianaIN Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email website
Star United States Georgia Angelic (Angel); Elf; Nymph; Pixie; Pooka; Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Cat); Vampire; ; And Timelord, Dwarf, and Hobbit. And the rank of Angel I was at was Guardian. email
dib Peru Lima Dog email website
Luminescence Angelic; Angelic (Angel) email
Halcyonn USA Washington ARRAY(0xb8db0928) email
EmoFreakSister1232 United States New Hampshire Red Wolf email
JuanZea Colombia Angelic (Archangel); Elf (Alfar); Human; Phoenix; Therian; Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Bear); Therian (Fox); Therian (Grey Wolf); Vampire email
Alice USA California Planet Kin (Pluto) email website
ginny93 Argentina Guardian email
BurnDownTheBarricade Australia Victoria Dragon (Wyvern) email
Stradd USA Michigan Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Frazier Australia New South Wales Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
ChimaeraFae USA Faerie; fae with strong totem ties email
Kiyoshi United Kingdom Elf (Dark) email
Pax USA Ohio Therian (Cat); Therian (Panther) email
Amira Canada Alberta Dragon (Western); Wind Dragons email
Taewolf United StatesUnited States Missouri Faerie; Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
VishaRoseNight USA Maine Therian (Fox) email
fuyunoame USAl Colorado Unknown email
Arune Russian Federation Elf; Elf (Wood) email
conscientiousness USA Florida Demonic; Demonic (Incubus); Faerie email website
Kamaria USA Tennessee Therian (Cat); Therian (Panther) email
faejae USA Missouri Faerie email website
Rivan USA Florida Elf; Elf (Wood); Human; Therian (Cat) email
Nibiana Canada British Columbia Depending on what "Spirit" (or personality) is in charge, different kin types.
Ratboy USA Arizona Kitsune email
chiara United States Washington email
powerpup United States Florida red wolf email
Fidget Foxtrotter Australia New South Wales Angelic; Angelic (Angel); Therian (Fox) email
KernTevar USA Texas Polymorph email
Lithawitch United States West Virginia Dragon (Western) email
grayhounddog USA Illinois Therian email website
almerin USA Indiana Angelic (Celestial); Therian; Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Grey Wolf) email
jlehnerd USA Maryland Faerie email
ceilo USA Oregon Angelic (Archangel); Angelic (Fallen) email
ehdani United States Nevada Therian (Cat); Therian (Fox) email
wondertrickster Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
gelbapor In my insanityur mam UtahManitobaHeard and McDonaldur mam ARRAY(0xbbfed038) email website
Ollie USA Michigan Demonic; Elf; Elf (Dark); Faerie; Human; Nymph; Pixie website
Matheny753 USA Texas Elf (Elenari: Li'star'i) email
getsill United States Michigan Polymorph; Starseed email
Finvarra Tuatha de Danaan email
The Flamingfeather USA Alabama Therian (Grey Wolf) email
genderconfuseddragon USA California Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
rinmikus USA Oregon Dragon; Dragon (Western) email website
Phyre United States New York Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Rain United States Colorado Faerie email
nature-fae United States Virginia Faerie email website
Swifty USA Oregon Robotkin (Cybertronian); Werecat
againdjinn Wisconsin Demonic (Incubus); Elf (Dark); Therian; Djinn email
Ulrich Australia Western Australia Therian; Hedgehog email
Galactic Kitty Australia Queensland Therian; (Bobcat) email
Remi USA Florida Demonic email website
duds Nymph; Nymph (Plant) email website
CalledMeHyacinth Australia Victoria email
CarmenB In my insanity Dragon email
crimsonfox19 USA Texas Elf email website
Sorria United States Oklahoma Angelic (Celestial); Dragon (Western) email
Soren USA Alaska Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Liiiana aus JEILA Russian Federation Human; Just clever adult soul email
nicosfeistyotherkin USA New Jersey email website
Calexya United States Arizona Faerie; Vampire (Sanguine) email website
LittleErlina Florida Elf; Faerie email
Puppy_jinxx Australia New South WalesSydney Therian (Arctic Wolf) email
robcourt Australia email
FubukiForest United Kingdom England Therian (Arctic Wolf) email
Emerald45 starseed email
chaoticWorlds United States South Carolina Therian; Therian (Cat) email
Dotterall Australia Victoria Therian (Cat); Therian (Tiger) email
OlbodiisSiine United States Ohio Angelic (Angel); Angelic (Celestial); Angelic (Fallen); Demonic (Incubus); Dragon (Eastern); Elf (Drow); Faerie; Phoenix; Therian; Unicorn; Vampire; email
Shiki USA Illinois Dragon; Vampire (Psi) email
Mars United StatesUnited States New York ARRAY(0xb96da490) email
Selena USA Indiana Unknown email
Lolita USAUnited StatesUnited States Oklahoma Faerie; not exactly sure yet. email
FurtiveFox USAUnited States New York Female Elf Fire Elemental email
leprechaun2014 Germany Hobbit, Leprechaun email
WhiteWolfGreyWolf1 Australia Western Australia Therian (Grey Wolf); Vampire email
Ashed United States Colorado Dragon (Western); Dragon (Anthromorphic) email
I-Am-Satan everywherezootopiaBisexual community in penguin in Arkansasbisexual community in penguin infested Ant ARRAY(0xbc2f8288) email website
CCHHRRIISS Australia Australian Capital Territory Chaos Magician: Therian(Sperm Whale) email
Fieron Florida Demonic; Vampire (Psi) email
longlostlover USA New York Demonic; Vampire (Psi); Nogitsune. Spirit email
alittleturtleegg USA North Carolina Human; Turtle; Seagull email
Aria9513 USA New York Demonic email
herpderp In my insanity Florida Nymph (Wood) email
tearitxeno United States California Alien (Extragalactic) email
Everlore Romania Therian (Grey Wolf); ; Wyvern email
flameye Australia New South Wales Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
blacklightchaos USA Tennessee Polymorph email website
theysylvermonster USA Oklahoma Elf; Faerie; Werewolf email website
saberwind email
Ahlani USA Wisconsin Therian (Snow Leopard) email
Lianthresia United States Arizona Elf; ; (Dissoan) email
Gloriawolf United StatesUnited States California ARRAY(0xbd09bb98) email
marauderluna USA Louisiana Angelic (Celestial); Therian; eastern grey wolf; snow leopard; possibly raven; energy being/celestial email
Seshiro Costa rica alajuela Angelic (Fallen); Human; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
DraconicLupus United States Illinois Dragon; Dragon (Western); Human; Therian; Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Grey Wolf) email
8mm Mauser USA California Model 1924 Yugoslavian 8mm Mauser large ring email
indigo4245 USA Alaska Angelic; Can't remember possibly celestial email
DBaalMael Spain Demonic; Demonic (Incubus) email
carifaunkinxoxo faun email
Placelesshope United States Arkansas email
Eleth United States Elf (Alfar) email
luigi_L Belgium Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
LiberalTruth USA California Space email website
Okami Heart USA Nevada Therian; black wolf email
mentalangels USA Minnesota Angelic (Archangel) email
Jade United States California Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Nogitsu USA Arkansas Synthetic ("machinekin") email
Blue_Dragoon USA Colorado Dragon; ; Barn Owl email
Matthew the blood wo USA Arkansas Therian (Grey Wolf) email
ChimaericalFae USA Kentucky Faerie email
Amariel Tanis USAUnited States California Dragon; Dragon (Western); Elf; Elf (Dark); Elf (Sylvan); Faerie email
psycuteic Norway Pixie; Therian (Cat) email
Araminta United Kingdom Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
ElfoftheNorth Canada British Columbia Elf (Wood)
Eli Mayor-Rose USA Demonic; Vampire email
poisonousneons USA Colorado Angelic; Angelic (Fallen); Therian (Cat); Vampire (Sanguine) email
wolfeye12345 USA California Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Sukai doragon Germany Bayern Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Vexis United StatesUnited States Iowa Demonic; Vampire; Vampire (Sanguine) email
Black Iris USA Florida ARRAY(0xbc440b80) email
Sotharean Angelic (Celestial); Elf email
Shaydeow Australia Western Australia Demonic (Succubus); Therian; ; Wolf; Demonic Wolf email website
DeamLupus USA Colorado Angelic (Angel); ; Therian (Maned wolf), Hybridkin email
Kenji mochizuki USA Kentucky Angelic (Angel); Vampire; angerian email
Elkenwings United StatesUnited States Wisconsin Therian; Elk email
Dovin Canada British Columbia Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Keira Kinover-Mar (Main speaker, primary body) Annytin (Secondary speaker, shares body) United States Tennessee Elf; [Precursoran] email website
anubis dion GreeceJapan Angelic (Angel); Angelic (Archangel); Angelic (Fallen); Vampire; Vampire (Psi) email
kittehkat6 United States Georgia Faerie; Therian (Cat); Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Sifja1122 Philippines email
Momokoclover United States Virginia Angelic (Celestial) email
AnaRainForest Romania Elf (Sylvan); Elf (Wood); Faerie; Human; Therian (Bear); Therian (Cat); Therian (Hawk); Therian (Tiger); email
smite the holy Norway Demonic; Demonic (Incubus); Demonic (Succubus) email
xxsparkyxx United States Indiana Wolf (Arctic) email
BryKai USA North Carolina Starseed, Siren email
VioletSnow United States Washington Angelic (Celestial); Faerie; Therian (Cat); Vampire (Sanguine); ; Starseed email
SeaDragonST Dragon; SeaSerpent email
Obiwan2477 United States Rhode Island Unicorn email
donovandemonkin United States Texas Demonic; Therian; Therian (Coyote) email
onomatomatopoeia Therian (Cat) email
kirin Therian (Grey Wolf)
Howlo Legacy United States Ohio Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
JaiSher United States Massachusetts Therian; Therian (Tiger); Therian (Lion); Therian (Liger) email website
Aaera Flamewing USA Georgia Dragon; Dragon (Eastern); Faerie; Dragonfae email
kyochi USA Massachusetts ARRAY(0xbceecd70) email
Anythya Australia New South Wales Nymph (Water); Mermaid email
The1TrueKing Dragon; Human email
Dolores Faerie email
cuddlefish oneirokyn Dragon (Eastern); Dragon (Western); Human; Phoenix; Unicorn; ; dragon; extraterrestrial:
foxfire Human; Kumiho email
dawn USAUnited States Mississippi Therian (Grey Wolf) email
claire-snek everywherezootopiaBisexual community in penguin in Michigan snake (reticulated python) email website
Chaos USA Florida Therian (Cat); Tuatha de Danaan; avatar (chaos) email
Gypsee USAUnited States Oregon Elf; Elf (Wood) email
Sinchiroca Latvia Elf email
Ashykitten United States Illinois Dragon; Dragon (Western); Therian; Therian (Cat); Therian (Fox) email website
WishingPole Canada Ontario Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Dagnath Canada Ontario ARRAY(0xbd1a2ce8) email
Cain Aurelius Elf email
xaquax United Kingdom Faerie email
Cassie United States Indiana Elf; Elf (Wood); Therian (Fox); Mermaid; Nephilim email
Atamisc USAUnited States Wisconsin Dragon; Dragon (Eastern) email
Howl United Kingdom Surrey Therian (Cat) email
Ravenna_LaLune USA Maryland Demonic (Succubus); Dragon (Eastern); Elf (Elenari: Kal'thilas); Faerie; Sidhe (Leannan); Therian (Grey Wolf); Naiad ; Starseed ; Witch email website
Niewidzialna Poland Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Pandaranda United States Illinois Angelic (Fallen); Demonic; Faerie; Human; Shadow email
Czar USA Washington Angelic (Archangel); Angelic (Celestial); Dragon (Eastern); Elf (Sylvan); Human; God; ChronoMagi; Gestalt email website
kamodaclease USAUnited StatesUnited States New York gargoyle email website
Arya USA California Therian (Grey Wolf) email website
AryaDawn USAUnited States Texas Dragon; Vampire email
CassieHFox USA Arizona Dragon; Faerie; Therian (Cat); Therian (Fox) email website
Xyler Canada Ontario Angelic; Angelic (Fallen); Elf; Faerie; Human; Pixie; Therian; ect, email website
CresentMoon United States Michigan Angelic; Therian (Arctic Wolf); ; I consider myself Dark Angelkin and that it is different from Fallen. email website
Umbra USA Nebraska Ferciferan email
Ralphina United States Alabama Therian; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
Calla United States Texas email
universe USA Ohio Angelic (Angel); Angelic (Celestial); Demonic; Human; Therian (Cat); sun email
CrescentSpirit Australia Western Australia Therian (Grey Wolf); Therian (Dark Brown Wolf) email
Seer United States Michigan Human; Therian (Grey Wolf) email
sigmaslope USA Nebraska Therian; raccoon email
Sylph Brazil Elf (Sylvan); Fox email
retrofuturistsiren USA California Mermaid (Siren) email website
Imogen United States Texas Faerie email
Krpy United States Oregon Therian (Fox); Therian (Grey Wolf) email
imogen Australia Western Australia Unknown email
Nantyhalia United States New York Elf; Elf (Alfar); Elf (Sylvan); Elf (Wood) email website
Brotis Nasher always on the move Angelic; Angelic (Fallen); Demonic; Demonic (Incubus); Dragon (Eastern); Elf; Elf (Elenari: Li'star'i); Nymph; Nymph (Water); Therian; Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Bear); Therian (Fox); Therian (Panther); Therian (Tiger); Vampire; Vampire (Sanguine) email
Fenn USA Texas email
Rebsonia United States Oklahoma Space email website
SnowyDamascus USA Washington Therian; Therian (Tiger) email
Sera156 United States Indiana Demonic (Succubus); Elf email
Rabbit United States West Virginia Angelic; Angelic (Angel) email
artemisthedivine USA Wisconsin Angelic (Fallen); Nymph (Water); Vampire (Sanguine) email website
Majistrere Romania Lycanthrope email
8Bit-Insomniac United States New York Shadow; Reaper; Octopus; Moth; Bunny; Computer email
Aryanna Australia Queensland Faerie; Sidhe; Sidhe (Bean); Tuatha de Danaan email
MoonMermaid United States Virginia Nymph (Water); Therian; I am a mermaid and also a bat. email
The Decider United States Kentucky All Powerful Lord email
Lordcookies Australiabrisbane Queensland Therian (Arctic Wolf) email
hibiscus USAUnited States Therian; ; (Ring tailed Lemur) email
Set-An USA California Typhon (Set Animal) email
Azelohk United States Florida Dragon; Rain Serpent email
Abbyunicorn USAUnited States Texas Can with the death email
Updated since 2013-2-8
Veh'lenn Canada OntarioOntario Elf (Elenari) email
Arethinn United States California Faerie; Sidhe email website
Shiro Ulv United States Georgia ARRAY(0xbb554348) email website
Azrial Alaria United States Utah Dragon; Anthropomorphic email website
Fadeyr United States Oregon Unicorn email website
Hetoreyn Canada British Columbia Demonic; Demonic (Incubus); Elf; Faerie email website
Krossbones United States Virginia Demonic; Dragon; Sidhe email
Regini United States Kansas Dragon; Dragon (Western) email
Tysharina (Tysha) United Kingdom Dragon (Western); ; (Illsyndran daekar) email website
Ethelshai France Bretagne Dragon (Western) email
tavthe United States Missouri Angelic; Angelic (Celestial); Dragon; Faerie; Tuatha de Danaan; Vampire (Psi); email website
Kit United States North Carolina Therian (Cat); ; (domestic feline); email website
Nyx United States Colorado Faerie; Faerie (Starseed) email website
Ketrino/Ikkthu United States Texas various; otakin email website
Vampyrus United States Georgia Vampire (Psi); ; Kitsune email
Shilo United States South Carolina Elf (Sylvan); elf (Aldari) email website
Hanikamiya United States Washington Therian (Arctic Wolf); Therian (Grey Wolf) email website
Zandra Amara United States Tennessee Faerie; Nymph; Nymph (Water); Vampire; Vampire (Sanguine) email website
Lala Jala United States New York really, really old. email
huginkoprim Slovakia email
Angel_Wolf United States Florida Therian; Tuatha de Danaan email website
Athauliz (Dragon's Eye) Firestorm United States Dragon (Eastern); Dragon (Western) email website
Dailyen LeFaye United States Pennsylvania Elf (Wood); Therian (Bear); ELF;Werebear email
liryen United States Texas Elf;Human;Unknown email website
Azile United States Utah Demonic; Dragon (Eastern) email
Rhyrs United States Arizona Dragon (Western); Human; ; (Anthropomorphic) email website
Torterenek Waker United States Utah Dragon; Dragon (Western); ARRAY(0xbcdd14c8) email website
Snowyhare United States Washington Therian; ; Snowshoe Hare email
water_child USA South Carolina Human; mermaid email
Levia Germany Dragon; Dragon (Western) email website
moontiger United Kingdomwales Dragon; Faerie; Sidhe; Therian (Fox); Therian (Grey Wolf); Therian (Panther); Therian (Tiger); Tuatha de Danaan; email
Seraphyna United States New York Therian; Polywere email website
AutumnBorn United States New YorkNew York Goblin; Undine email
Kalandria (Andaria) Australia Western Australia Angelic (Angel); Angelic (Celestial); Dragon (Eastern); Dragon (Western); Elf; Human; Therian; Therian (Cat); Therian (Fox); Unicorn; Vampire (Psi); ; Human, Soul of Living Light, Elf - Ancient, Halfblood human-dragon, Earth Elemental, Demi-God email website
rosecrown United States Goblin email
Mabon United States New York Djinn email website
evanayl United States Indiana Elf; Elf (Alfar); Elf (Elenari); alfar; elenari elf email
Utarinsyis United States Oregon Unicorn email website
Celebron United States California Doppelganger email
Gabriel Brazil Sao Paulo Shapeshifter