The online otherkin community puts us in touch with people around the globe. Sometimes, however, we may still feel that we are all alone in our particular area, or with our particular interests, or as our particular type of Kin. Sometimes we just want to be able to view our fellows as more than just a name on the screen. As an aid to this, the Otherkin Directory was created.


The directory can be viewed in the following formats:

Collected by Country and State or Province. Per State/Province pages ordered by nearest city.
Collectied by initial.
Collectied by species.
Everyone on one page, ordered by Country, State and City. Warning: This page is rather large (911 entries) and will take some time to download.
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Note: Anyone can add themselves to this list. There is no way staff can verify the claims of anyone (sometimes including themselves) listed. We might have met some of them, but certainly not all of them. Some we've never heard of before. They may all be really wonderful people, they may not. They may not be who or what they claim to be. Even if they are, being Otherkin does not necessarily make one magically safe - every culture has it's predators, this one is no different. They doesn't mean talk to no one, just be careful about who you give your personal information to and use the usual precautions when meeting anyone.